Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wishing For a Snow Day

There's something about snow that brings out the kid in many of us--when it snows, it covers everything with a soft, white blanket. Playing in the snow with friends and then coming in to hot cocoa and to warm up before going out again is a fond memory that I have. Sometimes school is closed, making the occasion even more exciting. Rules are often suspended and mothers don't mind the snow that gets tracked in. We get to make and eat snow cream, a rare treat. Even weeds are transormed into lovely snow-flowers--everything looks lovlier, magical. Snow is something so simple but is simply wonderful and brings out the kid in so many of us...
Snow-covered weeds.

I recently read a review for Wishing For a Snow Day in our local weekly newspaper. I enjoyed reading the review as much as I am sure I will enjoy the book. This is a book that all ages will enjoy reading. The link provided is not from our newspaper but it is the same review. If you love snow, and snow stories, you can read the review here: Wishing For a Snow Day

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